Reading the al quran and understanding it is one of the obligations of being a muslim. Establishing ourselves as one of the quran learning and islamic studies centre in Singapore, Piroozi guides students through a structured approach of holy quran reading. Quranic arabic which is also an arabic language is a something that does not come natural for muslims especially of those not from arabic bacckground. Learn to read quran online with quran reading plan tailored for individuals from basics to intermediate. We derive an easy way to learn quran for beginners as well as adapt teaching methodologies to students capability. Reading the quran is not limited to age and we provide quran classes for adults or even children.

Teacher and student quran recitations are carried out with optimal effectiveness during quran reading classes either Face-to-Face or online. Quran read and listen(Talaqqi) between both teachers and students are highly interactive to ensure the most value for quran reading classes.

Leaning back to our values and culture, Piroozi strives to be the best online quran teaching websites towards digitilization.

Note: All our teachers are ARS certified.