Blessings of giving Sadaqah

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Blessings of giving Sadaqah

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Blessings of Sadaqah

Sadaqah, derived from the Arabic root word sidq (s-d-q), which means “sincerity”, is a term used in the Islamic context to signify "voluntary charity". It refers to the voluntary giving of alms or charity, without seeking a substitute in return, and with the intention of pleasing Allah. This act of charity is not necessarily physical or monetary, it can also be a kind word or a voluntary effort.

Sadaqah is considered a sign of sincere faith and is seen as an act of righteousness. It is believed that Sadaqah benefits the believer as it averts calamity and increases sustenance and blessings in one’s life. The Quran says that Sadaqah leads to the purification of the benefactor.

In contrast to Zakat, which is a compulsory form of charity, Sadaqah is given voluntarily and can be given at any time and in any amount. It is seen as a way to express generosity, love, compassion, and faith.

If you are inspired to embrace the rewards of Sadaqah in your life, consider purchasing a Sadaqah package from from us. This will enable you to contribute to charitable initiatives and make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

We also provide services such as KorbanAqiqah, Qurban Nazar and Sadaqah.

Sadaqah includes cooking and distributing of meat to unfortunate and needy. E-certs will be provided to customers upon completion of service without additional cost.

We may slaughter sheep/goat with the same weight (size) of 18-20kg interchangeably depending on stock availability. 

Note:* Picture shown is for illustration purpose only. It does not represent the actual color or size of the sacrificial medium. Price can be adjusted without prior notice according to market situation. 

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