What is fidyah in Singapore?

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What is fidyah in Singapore?

October 02, 2022

When to pay fidyah Singapore?

When a muslim is not able to fast during Ramadan and are not able to make them up (qa'dha) afterwards (mainly due to pregnancy, ill-health and age) they need to pay for someone else to be fed in the form of fidyah. You should consult an Islamic scholar if you want to know if there are any other permissible reasons for paying fidyah.

How to calculate fidyah in Singapore?

To calculate fidyah, you can either do the calculations yourself or use an online fidyah calculator for guidance.

Where to pay fidyah in Singapore?

There are number of recognised associations for fidyah online payment in Singapore. For ease of calculation and payment you may use online services or even personally visit such associations for the payment.

Following will be for your considerations;

  1. Muis sg fidyah
  2. Darul Arqam

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