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Students of Quran

August 28, 2022

Quranic Learning made easy

Quranic education is made simple on our platform. Students of quran embarks on quranic reading with Singapore qualified quranic teachers. Aligning with our digilization efforts, Quranic online classes are highly encouraged for students.

We also cater to Quranic students whom prefers Quranic F2F classes.

Our Quranic teachers are Singapore ARS (Asatizah Recognition Scheme) certified

Our website allows parents and students to easily find and connect with the best Quranic teachers, whom are ARS certified.

Students rate & review each Quranic session

Much like what you see on Carousell or Shopee, reviews and ratings are essential. Every student is encouraged to rate their Quranic teachers at the end of each session. Quranic teacher’s ratings can be viewed on their listed profile. Quranic teachers are rated based on their knowledge and presentation of the subject.

Connect via Computer or Tablet

It is easy to get started with Quran. Once a Quranic online session is booked, the link will be provided for Quranic classes. Students and Quranic teachers simply need to have a webcam and a microphone to access the Quranic learning session in its full capacity. 

Learn Quran Reading anywhere

Students of Quran can catch Quranic online learning sessions are held wherever it is comfortable and whenever it is convenient. It is best to have a conducive area where you can assess your Quranic sessions. Online Quranic learning is convenient because teaching at your convenient location and neither party needs to travel in order to have the Quranic session.

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