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Tahnik Service in Singapore

November 07, 2022

Tahnik Service in Singapore

What is Tahnik meaning in Singapore?

Being one of the rituals that celebrates the birth of a newborn in Islam, tahnik for the baby is a ceremony that will be performed by feeding dates or honey into the mouth of a newborn before Tahliq (shaving of the baby’s hair). Normally this ceremony is carried out by a pious person or can also be performed by parents, family members and any entrusted individuals.

Newborns during the Prophet days were brought to him for his blessings. And this was done by him chewing some sweet things such dates before feeding or rubbing it gently to their palates. Considered as sunnah, tahnik is commonly practised by muslims around the world.

As such services for Aqiqah and Tahnik Singapore are widely available at mosque or even by online platforms such as Piroozi.

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