Expand your teaching portfolio

Piroozi is the best way to set yourself apart. Whether you’re new to teaching or already have existing students, we provide you the best way to reach new students.

You’re in charge

You can select your subjects and choose your hourly rate. Our in-depth scheduling system allows you to set your schedule and availability, and you’ll be notified when a student books you at a particular time.

Never miss a potential booking

When a student messages of books you, you’ll receive an e-mail. Our built-in messaging system allows students and teachers to easily communicate directly.

We handle the payments

Students select from your availability and pay up-front. We transfer the payment directly to your account after the session is complete.

It’s completely free to be listed on our teacher's list. It just takes a few minutes to set up your teaching profile and it is completely free.

You can offer both online and in-person learning. By the way, we are always looking for good Arabic and Quran teacher.